The Dark Age (Literally) and Reincarnation

“[N]ever before as in modern times was there such a number of men who are spiritually formless, and thus open to any suggestion and ideological intoxication, so as to become dominated by psychic currents (without being aware of it in the least) and of manipulations belonging to the intellectual, political, and social climate in which they live.”

-Julius Evola, Men Among The Ruins

In Hindu cosmology[1], there are four ages, or yugas, each of which represent a progressive decline in piety, morality, strength, stature, longevity and happiness.  The last yuga is the Kali Yuga – the Dark Age, or the Iron Age, as Hesiod would call it.  In his 1954 book The Wonder That Was India[2], A.L. Basham writes that we are currently in the Kali Yuga.  He dates its beginning at about 3102 BC and notes that, depending on how one interprets the Hindu units, the end could be coming soon.  He describes the end: “The end of the Kali-yuga, according to many epic passages, is marked by confusion of classes, the overthrow of established standards, the cessation of all religious rites, and the rule of cruel and alien kings.  Soon after this the world is destroyed by flood and fire” (p. 321).

Julius Evola describes the Kali Yuga in Ride the Tiger[3]:

“Its essential quality is emphatically said to be a climate of dissolution, in which all the forces – individual and collective, material, psychic, and spiritual – that were previously held in check by a higher law and by influences of a superior order pass into a state of freedom and chaos.  The texts of Tantra have a striking image for this situation, saying that is it the time when Kali is ‘wide awake.’  Kali is a female divinity symbolizing the elementary, primordial forces of the world and of life, but in her ‘lower’ aspects she is also presented as a goddess of sex and orgiastic rites.  In previous ages she was ‘sleeping,’ that is, latent in the latter aspects, but in the Dark Age she is said to be completely awake and active” (p. 9).


In And Time Rolls On[4], a collection of transcribed snippets of interviews recorded with Savitri Devi in 1978, Savitri talks about life in the Kali Yuga: “And the Dark Age is what you see all around you.  Technical progress, maybe.  But in all other domains, perfect decay” (p. 155).  According to Savitri, it is also the age where intuition is dying yet there is an excess of reasoning and research.  “Technical civilization is advancing, and real civilization is going backwards.  Real civilization had one characteristic all over the world: no race-mixing” (p. 157).  Savitri, an ardent and devoted National Socialist, expands on the theme of race-mixing and explains how Jews are instruments of the Dark Age: “But what I resent in them [the Jews], and what is a sign of the Dark Ages, is that they are used for the purpose of this Dark Age of deracializing everybody.  I resent it when he starts telling me that I must consider race as nothing.  I must be an internationalist and an interracialist, while he is not. (p. 150)”

Is it a sign also of the Dark Age that the people literally go dark?  Here is Savitri on reincarnation:

“Now, generally when you are reborn higher, you are reborn not higher in social status, but higher in race.  It will take centuries and millennia for a man of a lower race to become an Aryan.  Generally an Aryan is reborn as an Aryan.  Unless he has done awful things, then he might be reborn very low.  I suppose the men who tortured Streicher, for instance, would be reborn as Negroes.  It wouldn’t astonish me at all.  They would deserve it.  Certainly they do.  Especially if they were Aryans” (p.138).

Italian navy rescue asylum seekers

Let’s just take “Aryan” to mean “White;” in our world today, whites are a minority without a doubt – and a diminishing one at that.  We are greatly outnumbered by colored hordes from around the world – among them, the Negro.  This truly is The Dark Age, and in more ways than one: First, we are living in the Hindu Dark Age, the Kali Yuga.  Second, it is the age where whites are drowning under the waves of the rising tide of color.  Not only are we being outnumbered in their our own countries by non-Whites by the higher birth rate, but the deluded among us are interbreeding.

So what is happening?  Are whites dying and being reincarnated as lowly Negroes?  If so, the process would seem to be irreversible and we would have no choice but to wait for the floods and fires since non-whites generally have much higher birth rates than whites.  According to a 2015 UN report, of the additional 2.4 billion people to be added to the global population between 2015 and 2050, 1.3 billion (54%) will be added in Africa.  Europe is projected to have an even smaller population than it has today, and it’s already being flooded with non-whites.  (Could this be considered a type of flood marking the end of the Kali Yuga?) What could lead to so many whites being reincarnated as varying degrees of non-whites?

Savitri explains that “Good and bad mean nothing.  Good is what is according to the nature of your soul.  And bad is what goes against nature” (p. 138).  Are whites not fulfilling their soul?  Are whites behaving in a way that goes against nature?

We are going against our soul by letting our cultures die, by letting our identities be eroded, and by caving to guilt that allows this to happen.  We are not respecting who we are and are thus not recognizing our greatness and worth.  We are not fanning the flame of our soul.  Here again the Jews are an instrument when they encourage movements like Black Lives Matter, indoctrinate our children in universities with white privilege narratives, and use Holocaust guilt against us.  We are brainwashed and rewarded for race-mixing and guilted into giving away our power and thus, our nations.

We are also going against nature with our liberalism, our egalitarianism, and our denial of hierarchy and higher meaning.  Liberalism, being tied up with notions of individualism and equality, goes directly against nature.  In Men Among the Ruins, Evola writes on egalitarianism:

“It is necessary to state from the outset that the ‘immortal principle’ of equality is sheer nonsense.  There is no need to comment on the inequality of human beings from a naturalistic point of view.  And yet the champions of egalitarianism make equality a matter of principle, claiming that while human beings are not equal de facto, they are so de jure: they are unequal and yet they should not be.  Inequality is unfair; the merit and the superiority of the liberal idea allegedly consists of not taking it into account, overcoming it, and acknowledging the same dignity in every man.  Democracy, too, shares the belief in the ‘fundamental equality of anything that appears to be human.’

“I believe these are mere empty words.  This is not a ‘noble ideal’ but something that, if taken absolutely, represents a logical absurdity; wherever this view becomes and established trend, it may usher in only regression and decadence” (pp 133-134).

This is undoubtedly what we are living in today: regression and decadence.  As for our denial of hierarchy, one form of hierarchy seems to be acknowledged in society, but it is a base, downward-looking, plebeian hierarchy: namely, the victim hierarchy – based on who is the most uniquely oppressed.  We are denying a hierarchy based on true, noble, transcendent qualities in man and focusing on the weak and cowardly.  Also, there is no higher meaning to be found in Western civilization today.  Religion is dead and meaningless, especially the Catholic Church.  Atheism is the default belief system.  We are nothing special and therefore shouldn’t aim for anything special but merely try to be unique with what we consume.  Family comes second to orgasms and mystery and deeper meanings are shrugged off as accidental.  Art aims downward and everything is made with the masses in mind.

In living and viewing life in this way, we are not living in accordance with the nature of our soul and we are going against nature.  Perhaps we cannot do otherwise in the Kali Yuga.  I don’t know.  As for this leading to us being reincarnated as lower races, well, Savitri herself says that she takes reincarnation as a hypothesis, a theory.  She thinks it is a very plausible one though.  Having reflected on it, I find that I somewhat agree with her.

[1] I am skipping a lot of information and focusing only on the Yugas, which are a smaller unit in the vast cosmology.

[2] Basham, A.L., The Wonder That Was India, 1954, The Macmillan Co., New York.

[3] Evola, Julius, Ride the Tiger: A Survival Manual for Aristocrats of the Soul, 1961, Edizioni Mediterranee, Rome.

[4] Devi, Savitri, And Time Rolls On, 2012, The Savitri Devi Archive, Atlanta.


The Commodity of Race Mixing

In an essay on Counter Currents entitled “The Co-option of the Left: Its Fatal Misunderstanding of Marx,” Christopher Pankhurst writes about how the Left, through a misunderstanding of capital as outlined by Marx, are behaving like those they claim to detest.  Without an explanation of capital, which can be gleaned from Pankhurst’s essay, here is a longish quote explaining the ramifications of the shift of Marxism from economic theory to cultural theory:

“The influence of the Frankfurt School, which also became known as the New Left, was significant in that the emphasis had shifted from economic theory to cultural theory. This inaugurated the era of Left-wing identity politics, with an emphasis on race, gender, and sexuality as significant determiners of oppression. Following on from the influence of the Frankfurt School, there was initially a clear effort to link the processes of capitalist production with these other forms of sociological identity, that is, inequalities between the latter were shown to emerge from the inequalities inherent in the former.

“What has happened since is that these questions of identity have increasingly become issues in themselves, and the link with the nature of capital has been forgotten. Nowadays, questions of race, gender, and sexuality are routinely considered in isolation so that, in effect if not entirely in intent, they become determinative of one’s place in the progressive hierarchy.”

Thus, the age we live in today – and it’s a mess.  This ideology encourages everyone to find their own unique identity to be ranked on the scale of oppression.  Thus, we have such things as a proudly gay Muslim Palestinian Leftist who hates Israel, or an overweight Latina proud to be a single mother teaching classes about ‘white privilege.’  I myself was once infected with this Leftist bug.  As a straight, white male, I remember searching my life to see what was my unique identity that could possibly count as oppressive.  I was able to come up with being a child of a divorce, but I knew that this was no match against a Puerto Rican lesbian or a black child of divorce.  Pankhurst explains this urge to create or find new identities (even to the extent of making up entirely new ones) as “a consumerist urge to perpetuate the illusion of choice offered by the market.”

Larger quote for more context:

“[T]he present wave of Left-wing identity politics should be seen as a willing commodification of human identity for the benefit of capital. The urge to proliferate increasing numbers of ‘inter’ and ‘cis’ identities has nothing to do with economic disparity or ideological oppression, but instead stems from a consumerist urge to perpetuate the illusion of choice offered by the market. The Left has chosen, for entirely self-indulgent reasons, to abandon its commitment to opposing the unimpeded flows of capital, and has instead chosen to enjoy the restless pleasures that result from such capital flows.”

Today, white people are not permitted to select an identity unless it undermines the greater white (Western) civilization; we can’t choose to identify as ‘white’ unless we do so with self-loathing.  Only oppressed peoples can identify us as ‘white’ and this is only done when labeling us as ‘oppressive’ or having ‘white privilege.’  A white person can do as I did and try to find some identity that will be accepted by the oppressed, but today, the best one can do is to be homosexual or transsexual.  These two identities could possibly make you an ally of the oppressed classes, but you will still be seen as the least oppressed of the oppressed and therefore, privileged.  This is damaging to the psyche of young whites as they look around their society and see that they are despised as an oppressor, their only way to be somewhat accepted by the rising tide of color being to engage in sodomy or gender reassignment surgery.

The only identity permitted to whites is a consumer’s identity – the products we buy define us.  Thus, we see ‘Ford guys,’ ‘Chevy guys,’ a guy who really likes Batman or Spiderman, a guy who only wears Calvin Klein underwear, a guy who swears by Apple products and will never switch to PC, the blue-collar guy who runs on Dunkin, the ‘gun guy’ who keeps buying guns but rarely shoots them, the guy with twenty pairs of gym shoes, the ‘craft beef guy,’ sports fans, etc.  All this while all other races are allowed to have a racial identity and be proud of it, making it a defining factor.

This consumer identity is formed against a backdrop of heavy propaganda encouraging race mixing.  For white guys (and I assume some women – the ones who ‘have sex like a man’), this is simply another area for them to exercise their consumerist urge and form their allowed identity.  Thus, we have white men who have ‘yellow fever,’ declaring themselves most attracted to Asian women.  I once had a friend who would periodically state “There’s something about Asian women… I got that yellow fever.”  He was dating a Chinese girl during this period.  I myself made it my ‘thing’ to go after Arab women, even learning the language.  Of course, in America, with an immense Hispanic population, there are guys who decide to make ‘fiery Latinas’ their thing.  In my small circle of friends, I know two white guys who have dated only Latinas.  I once knew a Palestinian Christian guy who didn’t have a type – he wanted to have a girl from each country.  But that in itself is a commodified identity: the guy who likes all races.  (But you know, if you love all races…you love no races.)  A white guy who likes white women, however, is perpetuating white supremacy.


I realize, of course that there is more going on in these choices most of the time and that this could warrant an essay all on its own (for example, Asians being docile and youthful in appearance, blacks being more sexually active, etc.), but I hope to have at least offered another perspective on race mixing – it being an encouraged form of consumerism in which the consumer shops for a unique, allowed identity in a society where identity is everything.  The fact that American whites on the left and the right are affected by this only goes to show the extent to which the Left dominates the times, no matter how much they claim to be the underdog.